Romanian Language Course for Foreigners - Intermediate & Advance Level

22.02.2017 8:00am
Locatia: Dacia blv., no.55, et.2, ap. 5, sector 1, Bucharest

Intermediate, advanced level (B1-B2)

Starting: 22th of February            

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Price: 230 euros / module (free assessment test)

Length: 8 weeks (1 module)

Location: Dacia blv., no.55, et.2, ap. 5, sector 1, Bucharest

Days: Tuesdays-Thursdays

Mornings: 8.00-10.00

Lunch course (10% discount): 12.00-14.00

Evenings: 18.30-20.30

Registration: until 21th of February at, M: 0731.316.606


The student can make sentences in a simple way, he can relate a story briefly, he can communicate about familiar topics, he can understand texts with a high frequency in a conversation, he can write messages and composition describing feelings, emotions and impressions.

The student can also write clear sentences, essays, detailed letters. He can speak fluently and spontaneously, he can present his own views, he has a high degree in understanding conversations and written texts.